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Diversity Day 2022 – Are you being yourself at work?


LAST UPDATED: 04 October, 2022

Happy Diversity Day! Today we are celebrating the power of diversity and inclusion under the slogan “Diversity Enriches’ & we join & actively encourage everyone to appreciate the differences and to embrace and use everyone’s unique talents.

However, being our authentic selves is often the most challenging in the workplace, but why is this? When joining a company we are walking into an environment where values, beliefs and culture have already been created or they are shifting and growing. The power of being ourselves at work is paramount to our performance, but are you in an organisation that you feel safe, supported and heard? SER Diversiteit in Bedrijf, developed a short questionnaire to see if you are in the right place for you.

Our creative talent is at the heart of what we do and it is our responsibility to protect, support and give them the tools they need to perform their best work. We work equally hard together with companies to enrich the employee experience through shared equality and best practices towards an inclusive and feeling of belonging for all. When you’re making moves to create a more diverse workplace, we understand that it’s not always easy to shift your DEI efforts into the next phase. Help is here – in the form of three actionable downloads from diversity recruitment expert Jenn Tardy and diversity educator Kate Slater.

As one one of the first companies to sign the Dutch Diversity Charter in 2021, we remain committed today and moving forward to fostering an inclusive environment, where different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives are valued and where everyone can contribute, grow their careers and thrive. We believe that diversity goes beyond ethnicity and gender. It includes things that are visible and those that are not – a person’s age, ability, neurodiversity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and so much more. These differences help create a more dynamic and innovative workplace when we are open to recognising & embracing them.

For more information on Aquent Netherlands D&I initiatives or for you to share what your initiatives, please reach out to our D&I Council – we’d love to continue the conversation with you.