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Providing valuable insights relating to the changing nature of the digital workforce.

We make it our mission to give our clients and Talent valuable insights, reports and resources to help navigate their way through the changing needs of the marketing, creative and development industry.

Market Insights

The Renaissance of Teamwork - Talent Insights Report 2023 Cover
Talent Insights Report

Generative AI, diversity programs, the return to on-site—today's workplace environment is constantly changing. As that continues, the imperative for team leadership grows more pivotal. Gain the latest insights.

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Employee Experience 3.0

Get a glimpse into the future of work. Discover insights from a global survey of professionals conducted in partnership with work futurist Dr. Terri Horton. With actionable takeaways to help you move your workplace forward. If you missed the other downloads in the series, don't worry—you'll get access to those too.

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Shift Your DEI Efforts

The stats are clear. Diversity makes good business sense. But when you're making moves to create a more diverse workplace, it's not always easy to shift your DEI efforts into the next phase.

Help is here – in the form of three actionable downloads from diversity recruitment expert Jenn Tardy and diversity educator Kate Slater.

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Hiring Guides

Are you asking the right interview questions? - Aquent
Candidate Interview Worksheet

Streamline the candidate evaluation process. Our worksheet contains top hiring manager interview questions and focus areas for interview notes to help you identify high performers and hire the right talent to elevate your team.


Build your creative team
Creative Team Hiring Guide

We've used our knowledge and expertise to bring you a ‘how to' guide on all you could ever want to know when looking to source, build and maintain a strong creative team.

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Tips for Interviewing Candidates

Everyone knows the basics, but what can you do to really level up your interview process? Our expert's guide covers everything from varying types and techniques, to the ways you can evaluate candidates and avoid expensive mistakes.


How to hire and retain the best UXers

Does your company find it challenging to source and hire qualified User Experience professionals? Do you want to know how to retain and motivate them once you have them? If so, we have 2 free downloadable guides that have all the information you could want.

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Business as (Un)Usual: Mindsets & frameworks to steer your business through the pandemic
& beyond

In this webinar, Katja Forbes, MD of Designit, Australia & New Zealand shared an overview of mindsets and practical frameworks business leaders can use to help navigate through to current disruption of COVID-19 while maintaining their employee and business wellbeing, and also securing a more resilient future.

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