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In an AI-driven world, humans are still irreplaceable.

AI offers opportunities and risks, including the possibility that it will replace humans if we do not prioritise integration and application into our workflows.

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Maximising your team performance with competitive salaries.

Learn how to create high performing teams with the 2024 Netherlands Salary Guide.

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Don’t fear pay transparency—embrace it.

Pay transparency involves openly disclosing current and prospective employee salary information.

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AI can help diversity recruiting, but ask these questions first.

Technology, Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

Leadership double standards: How organisations are impacted.

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Are you a remote worker who wants mentorship? You’re not alone.

Young professionals today recognize the potential of remote work for their careers but worry about a lack of mentorship opportunities. Mentorship can still thrive in a remote environment if there is a dedication to cultivating meaningful relationships.

Job Seeker, Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

Influencers: A Dirty Word Or Power Tool Of Marketing Strategy?

Industry data reports that influencers aren't going anywhere. But before we get our marketing budget wallets out, we need to answer a few questions.

Industry Trends

So you're thinking about Accessibility

Great! Here's what it means and why you should be accessible.

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Remote Work: Bane of the corner office, boon of the workforce.

After the surreal year of 2020, things are starting to return to some sort of normal. And for many, that isn’t necessarily a good thing.

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How To Tell Your Career Story In An Interview

Failing to take the time to craft your career story is a wasted opportunity. Here are five tips to help you craft your narrative.

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