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In an AI-driven world, humans are still irreplaceable.

AI offers opportunities and risks, including the possibility that it will replace humans if we do not prioritise integration and application into our workflows.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

Climate Change Requires Urgent Action From Leaders. Here’s How.

For many companies, purchasing carbon offsets seems a swift and convenient solution, but in reality these offsets hardly move the needle.

Energy, News Events, Thought Leadership, Aquent News

Don’t fear pay transparency—embrace it.

Pay transparency involves openly disclosing current and prospective employee salary information.

Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, benefits-equality

The truth about layoffs and inequity, and how to overcome it.

Companies must consider and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) during layoffs to avoid disproportionately impacting marginalized communities.

Hiring Insights

AI can help diversity recruiting, but ask these questions first.

Technology, Hiring Insights, Thought Leadership, Industry Trends

Leadership double standards: How organisations are impacted.

Thought Leadership, Industry Trends, benefits-equality

Leadership double standards: Why rules for women aren’t the same.

With women occupying less than 25% of C-suite roles, progress is slow and not substantial enough. The recent phenomenon of women executives breaking up with their workplaces and roles also offers a telltale sign that the leadership environment may not be the same for women as it is for men. Something is not working.

Thought Leadership