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Daniel Perez

President, RoboHead

Dan heads up Aquent's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) division that produces RoboHead, a leading project management solution for in-house marketing and creative. Dan started as a web developer at the University of Georgia, working on one of the first web-based course registration systems in the U.S. He then worked as a consultant for Lotus and IBM, overseeing the design and architecture of applications for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He joined Aquent as the director of research and development, helping the company transition from client/server to a multi-tiered web architecture. Dan's mission with Aquent Cloud is to produce software that helps in-house marketing and creative teams maximize their productivity and quantify the value they bring to their organizations.

Dan holds a BA and MA in English literature from the University of Georgia. Caught up in the exciting possibilities ushered in by the birth of the internet, he was never able to finish that dissertation and emerge as a leading authority on British Romanticism.