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The Web Design Process, UX, and Content Marketing: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

The Web Design Process, UX, and Content Marketing: What We’re Reading

This week, we’re reading articles about explaining the web design and development process to clients, user experience design, hiring a content marketing dream team, and using data to show how cities accelerate communication and innovation.

What did we miss?

The Web Design Process Periodic Table

Here is an infographic designed to illustrate everything that goes into the design, development, and launch of a new website. It should come in handy both when pitching a site design project and explaining why things seem to take so long if the client is getting impatient.

Essential Reading: 5 Must-Read User Experience Design Books

When we convened a focus group of clients to help us identify skills gaps in the user experience (UX) field, one consistent theme emerged: People throughout the organization need to have a better understanding of UX fundamentals. If reading that sentence makes you think, “Hmmm. I can’t honestly say that I have a firm grasp of them,” then here’s a list of books that will help bring you up to speed.

The Next UX Revolution: Transforming Stodgy Enterprise Applications Into Engaging Experiences

The importance of UX in customer facing products and services is undeniable. Now, thanks to the ongoing BYOD—Bring Your Own Device—trend, as well as the beauty and overall user-friendliness of consumer applications, there is an emerging focus on improving the user experience for business-oriented software as well. This article describes how the team at Infor, a leading enterprise software company, is tackling the problem.

Four Steps to Hiring Your Content Marketing Dream Team

Content marketing is here to stay, but people still struggle when it comes to putting together a strong internal content marketing team. In this article Kevin Cain suggests that you start with hiring a managing editor (the “CEO” of your content team), add content creators (full-time or freelance), identify industry influencers, and don’t forget that subject matter experts throughout the organization can serve as valuable content contributors.

The Urban Village

As we are inundated with more and more data, it becomes more and more critical that we use to design to tell compelling and interesting stories with it. In this example, researchers at MIT, the Santa Fe Institute, Orange Labs, British Telecom, and Raschke Software Engineering got together to use anonymized mobile phone data to “elucidate the role of cities as accelerators of human interactions, and the effectiveness of urban social space in the diffusion of ideas and information.”

Image Credit: At a Reading Desk by Frederic Leighton, Public Domain.

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