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UX Prototyping, Flat Design, Mobile Navigation Patterns, and Retweetability: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

UX Prototyping, Flat Design, Mobile Navigation Patterns, and Retweetability: What We’re Reading

We’re reading about an interesting new UX prototyping tool, the ROI of flat design, mobile navigation trends, how to attract top design talent, and what makes a tweet retweetable.

What are you reading?

The UX App That’s Driving Design Everywhere, From Airbnb to Zappos

InVision is a tool that turns Photoshop mock-ups into working prototypes. It was developed by Clark Valberg to “allow multiple stakeholders to weigh in during the crucial design phase of a software project, rather than griping about poor implementations after the fact.” It’s being used by companies like Airbnb and Zappos to design web and mobile experiences. Could your organization use something like this?

How Flat Design Increases Conversion Rates

Arguments about design often come down to personal opinion and gut-level reactions. For this reason, in a business context, it’s often better to shift the conversation to focus on how a particular design performs, not whether people like it or not. This post looks at the current “flat design” trend and, setting aside any aesthetic objections to it, explores cases in which it effectively increased conversions and drove sales.

5 Examples of Patterns for Mobile Navigation Menus

The ever-increasing growth of mobile usage is driving a new visual language for user interfaces. This article takes a critical look at 5 popular navigation patterns and discusses their pros and cons in detail.

Google Ventures' Formula For Attracting Top Design Talent

Writing a job description is a perfect opportunity for you to think about the things your company has to offer prospective talent. This article walks through the approach that Google Ventures takes to writing compelling job descriptions for designers. They start by thinking about the things that top designers care about, such as how the position will challenge them and how it will help them grow as designers. 

What do people love retweeting?

The goal of many social media campaigns (for good or ill) is to drive engagement, with retweets being a common indicator of engagement (along with, of course, @-replies and favorites). This article attempts a systematic look at what seems to make tweets particularly retweetable. So, what do people tend to retweet? News, tweets with images, and tweets featuring facts and figures.

Photo Source (Creative Commons): Peter Alfred Hess.

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