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Tips on How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

Tips on How to Conduct the Perfect Interview

83% of candidates say that a negative interview experience can change their mind about a role or company they once liked. Here are our tips for getting it right:


Have the interview in a quiet area away from your desk, where you won’t be disturbed by noise or the phone. Make sure you are clear on the hiring process and involve the right people from the start. 40 minutes is the average length of an interview.

Do your homework

Make sure you have thoroughly read and understood the candidate's CV and portfolio ahead of the interview. Contact their references and research them online by doing a google search or checking LinkedIn. Have specific questions ready about their recent and relevant work.

Know what you want

Make sure you are clear on what skills and qualities you are looking for in a candidate and exactly what their role will involve, so you can effectively evaluate them.

Ask the right questions

After asking the more standard questions about background or experience, try asking the candidate how they would handle certain work situations. This can tell you a lot, as you’re more likely to elicit truthful answers.

It works both ways

Remember they’re deciding if you’re the right fit for them too. Competition is fierce for good candidates, so think about what they might want to know as well. Show them around, so they can get a feel of the people and environment. 

Don’t be a robot

Be authentic and honest about the role, environment and culture. Don’t under or oversell your company as this will cause problems later on.

Follow up

Be clear with the candidate about what the hiring process is, what the next steps are, and what they can expect from you. Then make sure you actually follow through with it, even if the candidate is unsuccessful.

Here are some of our favourite interview questions:

  • What attracted you to our company?
  • What do you most enjoy about your work?
  • What has been your biggest work challenge, and what did you learn from it?
  • Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?
  • What qualities can you bring to the role?
  • Walk me through one of your favourite projects
  • Describe your creative/work process
  • Who are some of your design heroes?

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