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The UX of doing UX work - Amsterdam UX Meetup: Wednesday 1 April at Rockstart

The UX of doing UX work - Amsterdam UX Meetup: Wednesday 1 April at Rockstart
We caught up with David Monterro from the Amsterdam UX Meetup Group to find out how they got started, who should be getting involved and what their next Meetup is all about.

What’s the story behind Amsterdam UX?
Amsterdam UX was created almost 2 years ago from the effort of a dedicated UXer (Katya Moroz) who was missing a regular monthly UX meetup in Amsterdam, as there was already in cities like Utrecht with Design by Fire. 

Why did you get involved?
I was a regular attendant from the first event, met Katya and talked her about my experience with the UX Book Club in Sydney and expressed my frustration for the demise of Amsterdam’s chapter of it, one month after I was organising a UX book club as a side event with Amsterdam UX. One thing led to another and when Katya and her partner Frank announced they were expecting a baby Tanja Sidorenkova and I step in to take the group over and not let it die.

Who should attend the Talks and what can they expect to get out of it?
Our audience is mostly UX professionals (Researchers, Psychologists, Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, Front-enders..) but we try to cover a lot of different topics which reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the UX discipline, for example last November Mike Rohde gave a very interesting talk on Sketchnoting which brought in a wide spectrum of professionals, a lot of them not directly related to UX, that’s the beauty of our field.

1st April topic: "The UX of doing UX work: soft skills that are essential for collaboration"
Doing your best design work doesn’t mean anything if you cannot sell it. Even though we’d all much prefer putting our efforts into actual design work, convincing your colleagues to adopt your design ideas is not an optional skill. It is an integral part of the job.
You are literally representing the people who use your products and services. As a UX professional, you need to be ready to face any challenges that will inevitably hit the road on your journey towards achieving the best possible experience for your users. We’re used to dealing with constraints, but often tend to overlook the most important one: practical social skills that are needed to sell our work.
Coming to terms with this reality is the theme of the next meetup:
- Why are soft skills an integral part of the UX job?
- How to collaborate with (sometimes difficult) stakeholders?
- When do you switch between selling (biased) vs. evaluating (unbiased) your work?

Speaker: Ling Hiah
Liang Hiah  is a user experience designer with a background in human factors and engineering psychology. At Nedap Healthcare, he is responsible for the UX of the electronic health record system. His work involves running a lot of user studies with doctors and nurses, and translating those results into concepts and interactions.
Date: Wednesday 1st April
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Rockstart (Herengrahct 182, 1016BR Amsterdam)  

Registration: Free, reserve ticket here

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