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Team Quality Time: remote edition

by Andy Corinde

Team Quality Time: remote edition

Your teammates are currently floating on their own virtual island, with or without spouse, roommates, pets or plants. Everyone in their own little bubble. How do you keep everyone connected and motivated in these isolated times? Well, Team up! Keep the morale high by putting in some “off-time”, online.

Though Friday drinks are a good place to start, just holding a beer and watching two or three of your chattiest colleagues waffle on about their pets might not be the most inspiring thing to do with team QT. Here’s how to start and some nice activities to try out as a team.


Step one; Internet connection check

During a conference it can sometimes be a blessing if certain people freeze mid-rant, but it’s a real spoiler if you’re doing something fun together. Check with your provider if it’s worth it to bunk up your current package a bit. If your internet stinks in the one spot in your apartment …try a good wifi extender/booster.

Step two; Get the right video conferencing software.

Get your team to jump on the interface that works best and that shows everyone at the same time. But be sure that it's secure! Here’s a nice article on choosing the right interface for you:

Step three; Pick an activity. Here’s my top five!


  1. Baby pic throwback

What better way to get to know each other by seeing what your colleagues looked like before we started acting all grown up. Share a picture from when all you could do was slobber. You’ll need one moderator (who will have the time of their life) to collect everyone’s baby-shot and drop it into a presentation along with some celebrity babies you can just pull from google images. 1st round is just showing the baby pics while everyone notes their answer. You can play with points and award a teammate with the best baby recognition skills.


  1. Cards against Humanity

Need I say more? This game speaks for itself, right? If you haven’t played this before, I guess the time is now to do it for the first time. Go to, share the link with your colleagues and get creative. Best to have the card game on your mobile and connect through video conference on your computer.  


  1. Lunch and Learns

Talking about putting yourself out there! Every team member weekly shares a skill or interest they have. You don’t need to be an expert on the matter, nor do you have to create experts. It can be something like a cooking class, a botanical workshop or reciting a paragraph from your favourite book or movie. Try to add an interactive part to it, so spectators don’t just snore off during your passionate display. Timely inform the team of what they need to bring in order to participate and get ready for some great interactions.


  1. Half a minute aka 30 seconds

Download the app for android or Iphone and play the game where you have 30 seconds to describe 5 different things, people or places provided by the app. Connect via video conference and let the fun begin.


  1. The Workout

Last but not least, the workout! The difference doing this with the team is that you’ll have a different teacher every time. All team members get a go. Remember, working out is not just doing cardio until you lose consciousness, it can also be yoga, a capoeira warmup, Tai Chi etc. Just look at your crew and keep in mind that not everyone is a tri-athlete or double jointed.  

Well, I hope these tips help bring your team a little closer in these remote times , you might just get to know some of your colleagues better than you thought you would in the process. Opening up can be a bit scary. but please try to. What we need in these times is each other’s support, attention and appreciation, be it in the smallest ways. The difference we make by staying in might be just as big, by reaching out, from a distance that is. Stay safe, though apart, together!

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Andy Corinde is a Talent Agent focussed on Freelance & Contract gigs in The Netherlands. He's got love for Photography, Sports, Music, brands and all the other good things in life. 

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