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Aquent launches a skills gap survey to build a bridge between junior designers and the creative industry

Aquent launches a skills gap survey to build a bridge between junior designers and the creative industry

New designers and the creative sector seem to be having a hard connecting with each other. Many freshly graduated designers are incredibly talented, yet find it difficult to convince the wider world of their skills. Aquent has launched a survey into the skills gap between recently graduated designers and the creative industry.

The question at the heart of the study is: which skills are essential to junior designers for them to make it in the labour market? The research aims to explore the possibilities to be used by junior creatives to strengthen their position in the job market. The study takes place in April and May in Britain, France and The Netherlands and the findings will be published in June.

Lisa Trapman, Country Manager for Aquent Netherlands, comments, "We hear more often that the creative sector has difficulty attracting good-quality junior designers. This is surprising, given the top-level training courses offered in the Netherlands. Our clients are senior leaders of the creative industry and every day we are discussing their in-demand roles for senior specialists. However, what about the upcoming Talent, those who are trying to get their foot on the creative ladder? How important is it to have completed an internship in a multi-national agency, or to include sketches of side projects in your portfolio. Should graduating designers have shown a clear motivation in their study and reinforced it with internships to get into their chosen sector? Aquent wants to know what the creative sector expects from new designers and then share this with the graduating classes to help bridge the gap”.

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