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Rebranding Amsterdam's Iconic Tower

Rebranding Amsterdam's Iconic Tower

If you have ever been anywhere near Amsterdam Central Station, then you will have spotted the ‘Shell Toren’ as it is known by locals. This grand tower has been given a massive renovation by the Stone Twins and has reopened this month as the A’DAM Tower with lots of new attractions including an observation point and revolving restaurant. The Stone Twins, a communication design agency founded by twin brothers Declan & Garech Stone are the brains behind this stunning building. On the 26th May they will be sharing their creative process on this project at an exclusive Apple Store event.

The vision behind this renovation is to be able to give the tower back to the Amsterdammers. With this tower being such an iconic part of the Amsterdam landscape the four partners found it was time to invest in a creative place that would put Amsterdam North back on the map. The partners, who have backgrounds in the creative and music industry themselves are closely involved in the entire process and will also be tenants and users of the new A’DAM Tower.

Originally the tower had been an office space for 400 employees who visited the place for one sole reason; work. The new A’DAM Tower is to be a multifunctional building attracting over 2000 visitors a day. The features to attract this audience are several cool bars & restaurants (including a revolving restaurant on the 19th floor), pioneering music companies, a hotel and an observation deck that offers views past the Amsterdam skyline. The tower is said to open 24/7 to provide for constant traffic allowing the A’DAM Tower to become the place to be for anyone wanting to eat, sleep, work or party.

So who are the brains behind this exceptional building? The Stone Twins is an Amsterdam-based communication design agency founded in 1999. The founding Stone twins; Declan and Garech Stone combine strategy, creativity and wit to produce design solutions that have been recognized by multiple industry design award shows. They have said the A’DAM Tower has been their dream assignment as it has allowed them to use witty storytelling and holistic design approach in every aspect of the building. These designers really have thought of everything to make every part of this tower entertaining and attractive to their audience. They have even created a giant swing on the observation deck that swings back and forth over the edge of the building, offering guests a thrill to complement the amazing view.

Apart from being amazingly creative, the new A’DAM Tower will also be sustainable. The four partners found this of great importance and it has played a role in every step of the process. The facades and roofs will be isolating to allow for the most efficient control of warm and cold air. All the restaurants, bars and nightclubs will also use energy efficient installations. All in all, the A’DAM Tower will be a true 21st century building that Amsterdam can be proud of.

The renovation that started in July 2014 has finally reached its end. The tower that is meant to attract people from all around with its quirky open environment has now been opened to the public. So if you want to see the tower or have already visited it and have become incredibly curious about how this design process was completed, then don’t forget to join the Creative Talks event in the Apple Store next week to hear it all told first-hand by the Stone Twins themselves! The event will take place on the 26th May at 19:00 and entrance is free but registration is required, so don’t forget to claim your spot before it fills up.

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