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Meet me in a Minute - Greg King

by Greg King

Meet me in a Minute - Greg King

Greg King has worked in the Amsterdam office of Aquent for just over three years. We checked in to find out a little more about him in our "Meet me in a Minute" series.

Describe your role as Account Director

Essentially we are in the business of people, so my job is networking and growing human connections within our key global accounts to drive initiatives and strategy for maximising our partnership to provide them with staffing solutions for both full time and freelance talent. Within my role, I align with our clients to understand their organisational and business needs to work with the wider team internally to get the best match for their needs. I have a keen focus on Diversity and Inclusion both internally and externally. Within this I partner with my clients to help them cultivate an inclusive work environment for the diverse range of talents we can connect them with. 


What industries and types of organisations make up your portfolio of clients?

As a business, Aquent focuses on creative, digital and marketing. As such we have a hugely diverse portfolio of clients, from ad/marketing agencies, design agencies, tech start ups and global brands. My current focus is on 4 of our key global brands across the entertainment, retail and fashion sectors. 


Why do you love what you do?

One of Aquent’s 4 core values is holism. I came to discover that we really live by it. I love feeling that every day I am contributing to the bigger team goal. Everyone is accountable for their own success as well as that of the teams. Everyone’s opinion is listened to and valued. We have the ability to bring our own ideas and creativity to the team to work towards the bigger goals. 


Describe an ideal client relationship?

An ideal client relationship is founded on trust. Your client should trust that you understand their business needs and culture as well as the specific brief and that any solution you offer. Your client will be confident that any solutions you offer will likely amount to success. Open, honest and transparent communication alongside proven track record is the best way to achieve this relationship.


What are your top 3 tips for hiring managers?

  1. Be open minded and don’t always judge a book by it’s cover. 
  2. Embrace conversations, to quote our MD Lisa Trapman, “I am only as smart as my last conversation”. having dialogue with talent’s from different backgrounds can often provide a solution you didn't even know you needed. Every day is a school day and we learn from every conversation we have.
  3. Act fast! The market is often busy and candidate led. Where possible, don’t let internal processes slow down your decision making - If you find a candidate you like - grab them with both hands before someone else does. 

When you’re not at work, what do you love doing?

When I am not at work I am actually pretty lazy! I consider doing “Nothing” as an activity in itself. It’s really important to have that down time and enjoy your own company...Aka, eat snacks on the couch with a good Netflix series. Outside of that I enjoy cooking, I run to keep fit. I love to travel and see new places and cultures and of course….you also can’t beat spending quality time with the family. 

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About Author

Greg King is an Account Director for Aquent in the Netherlands. He partners with clients to ensure that not only are they committed to recruiting inclusively but actually celebrating diversity and the benefits it brings to both local and global teams. 

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