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How do you attract and build a strong creative team?

How do you attract and build a strong creative team?

Having trouble finding the right people to get the job done? You’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey across Europe to ask creative leaders what challenges they face when hiring Talent.


A gap in skills seemed to be the most common issue, with 48.9% saying that if they don’t fill a role it is due to lack of hard or soft skills.

Candidates are assessed not only on their hard skills, but also on having the relevant soft skills to fit into your specific company culture. Nine times out of ten, it’s a Talent’s soft skills that determine a good hire. Tackle the skills gap on paper early on by having a hard skill criteria of must-haves and nice-to-haves, and introduce candidates to their potential managers and senior team members as early as possible in the interview process. Hard skills can be learnt but soft skills are usually more challenging to hone, this way they can gauge both and move forward to the next round.

And for those that still need a little upskilling, leverage free training programmes such as Lynda, or you can access free online creative and design courses through our Gymnasium platform.


For 15.3% of those surveyed visibility on future projects was the main barrier to making new hires, as well as 11.8% saying they currently had a hiring freeze.

Companies tend to wait until the pain hits before opening a vacancy and starting the search. An “always hiring” approach means your employer branding engine is constantly running to attract and engage a pipeline of Talent. We work together with companies to shape their hiring momentum, using our Talent Pool platform to create a shortlist of candidates for you to work with once the green light is given.

See below for the full results of our survey and the top 3 ways that companies find Talent.


Aquent (and Vitamin T) have spent the last thirty years helping marketing, digital and creative teams thrive through sharing what we learn from our Clients. We aim to identify the gaps in a company's hiring strategy and use the knowledge we’ve gained from years of experience to help bridge this gap. Please let us know if we can help you with any of your hiring issues.

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