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How To Win The Talent Awards

by Jennie Kitchin

How To Win The Talent Awards

We recently announced the winners of our European Talent Awards 2017 at our annual talent party. The awards are run with the purpose of celebrating amazing people, producing amazing work in the digital space.

Alongside our judged categories, we also awarded an overall winner for each territory, voted for by you! This year our UK winner was Chirag Grover for his work on ‘OWNS’, a London-based contemporary footwear label. He created an integrated branding solution which involved branding, brand portfolio, website and app, shoe customisation app, packaging and art direction.

We caught up with Chirag at the event to find out what he thinks of the awards and what advice he would give to anyone thinking of entering next year.

Why did you decide to enter the Talent Awards?

“When I came across the awards, I got really excited as I wanted to showcase my work and show what I had been doing for the last couple of months."

What are the benefits of the Talent Awards?

“The Talent Awards as a platform is a great opportunity for freelancer’s work to get more recognition and it’s also an affirmation of all the hard work you put in.”

What do you think is the most important information to include when entering?

“Designing just to make something look aesthetically pleasing is not enough. Outlining the thought process/design journey behind it helps a lot to give gravitas to the project. Also my advice would be make sure you use the 4 images available to showcase your work well. Have a wide range examples to show the variety of your work.”

How did you select the most relevant images?

“I wanted to show the wide range of my project from traditional print to digital mediums.”

How did you go about sharing your entry?

“I used all my social media platforms to share the link regularly and get votes.”

Has winning the Talent Awards had any effect on your career in any way?

“I feel it has reinforced trust in former and potential clients.”

Here are our top tips for getting your entry noticed:

  1. Make sure you upload the best images to showcase your work. If you have more than four images, why not create a montage?
  2. Always ensure your images are the correct format and ratio for the site gallery, so that they are shown in all their glory!
  3. Fully explain your entry including the story behind it, your process and all positive feedback or ROI.
  4. Remember you can enter more than once and in more than one category, so don’t limit yourself to a single piece of work.
  5. You can enter self-initiated projects too!
  6. Make sure you share your entry across all your social media channels. Share more than once and get your friends and connections to promote your entry as well.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to win the Talent Awards 2018, subscribe to our mailing list now to receive updates and alerts. And in the meantime, get working on your entry. Good luck!

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