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How to maintain a happy workforce

by Lisa Trapman

How to maintain a happy workforce

We sponsor Creative Mornings Amsterdam, this month May's theme was "Preserve". We thought we'd explore this in how best to maintain a happy workforce.

Talent retention can be just as much of a challenge as the initial hiring process. It is easy to become complacent once you have built up your dream team, but maintaining that enthusiasm is key. How do you keep them at the top of their game, encourage the most creative work and ensure they’re not just good, but great?

Be a positive leader

Enthusiastic leaders make enthusiastic teams. Engender trust from your staff and always support them when things go wrong. By recognising achievements you will encourage higher quality work and dedication to the business. Also, constructive criticism should not be equated to negativity, but a step towards success. Negativity can easily spread from an individual across the whole team if it is not replaced with a positive influence, so be approachable and always keep the channels of communication open. Be somebody people want to work for, gaining your team’s loyalty will improve their motivation.

Surround yourself with creativity

An exciting working environment will help creativity thrive. Get the team involved and use their skills, a little design and paint can go a long way to making a fun, interesting space. It’s equally important to get out of the office now and then, it can be difficult to feel inspired when you’re surrounded by the same environment day after day. Encourage your team to avoid looking for creative inspiration on the internet, it isn’t real inspiration because you will struggle to have any original ideas. Going for a walk or visiting a gallery can be just enough of a change to get the creative juices flowing. Industry events are also a great way for creatives to stay ahead of the curve, network with others and share ideas.

Challenge your team

Make sure your team are constantly learning, developing and growing. Find out their goals and interests, then help them develop in those areas through online courses, seminars or events. Allocate a training budget for your team and make them aware that they can use it for advancing their skills. There are online training programmes, such as Lynda, which you can tailor to your team’s needs, or you can access free online courses through our Gymnasium classes. Creating friendly competition within the workplace can also be beneficial and will keep your team advancing creatively and personally.

Seek recognition and celebrate your wins

It can be really beneficial for morale to gain recognition for great work. You can do this by entering competitions or using PR to get coverage of your work in publications. This is a really great way to recognise and reward your hard-working team. Be proud of what you achieve and celebrate successes by displaying your work and any awards you have won. This will encourage your team to take pride in their work.

Look after the individual

Making time for the individual is a simple yet effective way to motivate each member of your team. Speaking to each member of staff every day will make them feel special and put them in a positive mind frame. Being an available point of contact for your team will make them feel that everyone is equally valued and appreciated within the business.

Offer more than a competitive salary

Look beyond remuneration when prioritising what will keep your Talent happy. A competitive salary is important, but an exciting working environment and a sense of community will also help you retain your team. Make coming to work fun. Encourage your team to mix with their colleagues and organise work socials to help with team bonding. There are plenty of company benefits you can offer to your team in addition to their monthly wage, and this type of compensation will make them feel valued and help your business stand out as a great place to work. In such a competitive market, every little helps!

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Lisa Trapman leads our offices in The Netherlands & Germany as Managing Director.

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