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How do you attract and build a strong creative team?

How do you attract and build a strong creative team?

Having trouble finding the right people to get the job done? This week we launched our EU survey focused around Hiring Pain Points. If you are struggling to attract the right candidates to your business, then don’t miss out on this change to add your voice to the conversation. We’ll be publishing the results and insights from Industry Leaders giving you more ideas on how to build a strong creative team.

Attracting Talent
If you have ever been put in the position of having to find new talent for your company to hire, then you will be familiar with the challenges it brings. First of all, you must attract the right people. Candidates must fit into a specific job description by not only having the required skills, but also having corresponding experience and they must fit into your specific company culture. This last part may even be the most important sign of a good hire and definitely necessary for the building of a successful team.

Retaining Talent
Once you have succeeded in attracting the right person for the job, the next challenge arises. Getting this Talent to commit to the company and their team of colleagues within. To be able to build a strong in-house team, you must have employees willing to be the building blocks. For this to be possible, the work environment must be a pleasant and challenging one where Talent are able to keep growing and feel needed. Only if every Talent hired fits their job role perfectly, will a long lasting relationship between employer and employee be possible.

How Aquent can help
Building a strong creative team can therefore be a long process and can become very painstaking at times. Experience gets you a long way in picking the right people out of the crowd, but advice and tips are never redundant. Aquent (and Vitamin T) have spent the last thirty years helping marketing, digital and creative teams thrive through sharing what we learn from our Clients. We aim to identify the gaps in a company's hiring strategy and then use our knowledge gained from years of experience to help bridge this gap.


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So if you want to share your own recruitment issues and gain insights from your Industry Peers, then please fill out our short survey around Hiring Pain Points here.

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