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How Can Influencer Marketing Work For You? Mark Fidelman Reveals 10 Superpower-inducing Tactics

How Can Influencer Marketing Work For You? Mark Fidelman Reveals 10 Superpower-inducing Tactics

Well-known marketing tactics, like banner ads and social media marketing, aren’t getting companies the numbers they need anymore. In fact, social media only accounts for 3% of leads, and banner ads only account for 7%. On the other hand, 41% of leads come from personal connections and referrals. So how can the marketing community capitalize on this? Enter Influencer Marketing.

In the Aquent/AMA webcast on September 24, Mark Fidelman, CEO of RaynForest Inc. and author of the book Socialized! How the Most Successful Businesses Harness the Power of Social, explained the benefits of Influencer Marketing and how you can make it work for your company.

He urged the audience to think about what Oprah did for the book world and what Michael Jordan did for Nike. Oprah increased sales (we’re talking 55 million copies sold) for any author lucky enough to catch her interest. Michael turned Nike into a household name, not to mention a billion-dollar industry.

Obviously, getting Michael Jordan or Oprah to endorse your product or service may be a long shot. But Mark advised that this doesn’t mean you can’t use Influencer Marketing to increase your leads. Here are five of the ten tips Mark presented:

  1. Shock and Awe: Shock your audience into action, aka, get them to buy your product

  2. Viral Awareness: Quickly promote your product through influencers

  3. Propaganda Discord: Leverage influencers to create pain

  4. Sporting Powers: Get tier-two sports stars to endorse your product

  5. Trust Swarm: Leverage the trust of other influencers

Want to hear the other five tips? You’re in luck! We recorded it. Watch it with your marketing team during your next strategy meeting.

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