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Get your Creative Skills in Shape

by Carla Bonello

Get your Creative Skills in Shape

After several weeks of working from home, taking long walks in the abundance of sunshine we’re ironically having, watching all the Netflix and so many catch-up zoom calls with friends and family.. believe it or not I feel like I’m socialising virtually more than ever before! I’m definitely not saying something new or shocking here, but the internet is truly an amazing thing. We are constantly connected even though we are at a distance. On average we are spending 5 hours less on commuting per week. This got me thinking.. How are we using this ‘extra’ time? 

It’s very important for us to use this valuable time to brush up on some skills or gain new ones. You might just be looking for a reason to get out of the 8th family reunion this month and can’t deal with Aunt Petunia’s political choices.. that counts too and I won’t judge, promise. Whatever the reason, we have some ideas on how you can spend this time and have something amazing to share with you! 

Aquent offers multiple FREE online courses through an online platform Through Gymnasium you can find 3 types of courses which can lead you to getting a certificate, badge or a general good feeling of having learnt something new.

Full Courses- These are our more extensive courses available. With up to 6 hours of video content to learn, assignments, project and a discussion forum you can learn new skills such as UX Fundamentals, Coding for Designers, Writing for Web & Mobile etc. Once completed (and successfully passed, which you will, I believe in you) you will receive a certificate! 


Gym Shorts!- These are our shorter courses that will give you a badge at the end! They are up to 1 hour long complete with video instruction and a final exam at the end. You can take gym short courses on Time Management, Creating a WordPress Theme, Introduction Sketch for UX/UI, Prototyping for Digital Products & Websites and many more! 


Take 5- Quick 5-minute tutorials that cover practical skills like Working with Prototyping tools such as Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma etc. If you’ve ever watched a 10+ minute make-up tutorial to perfect that winged eye liner look, then you can definitely spare 5 minutes to learn something cool like ‘Self Promotion Through Online Presence’ right?

On the website you can also find other things like our Blog, Live Coding sessions every Tuesday and our latest Webinars! <- click for our latest one about Remote Working. Taking one of these courses can help you learn something new, gain tips and tricks on how to make your portfolio pop and even how to pitch your ideas. The courses are taught by talented individuals who are working in the industry and have direct experience in the field of what they are teaching. 

All courses are online based, have open enrolment, and are open ended courses, meaning you can go at your own pace. Before enrolling to a course, you can even watch the first video to make sure the course is for you! Did I mention this is all for FREE? Happy learning everyone!


“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson.  

About Author

Carla Bonello is a Talent Agent focussed on Freelance & Contract roles in the Netherlands.

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