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Design Feedback, UX Maturity Models, and Customer Behavior: What We’re Reading

by Steve Singer

Design Feedback, UX Maturity Models, and Customer Behavior: What We’re Reading

This week, we’re reading about feedback tools for web designers, a new UX maturity model, customer journey maps, creating a sense of urgency to drive user behavior, and some fun animated algorithms.

What are you reading?

Essential Visual Feedback Tools For Web Designers

One of the biggest challenges designers and web developers face is receiving timely, actionable, and specific feedback from clients. This article presents a list of carefully selected and thoughtfully reviewed tools to help with prototyping, sharing feedback, and bug-tracking.

UX Maturity Model: From Usable to Delightful

In this newly developed model, the folks at Tata Consulting Services propose a method and a scale to measure the “overall user experience associated with a software product or application.” It’s well thought out and includes specific objective criteria for assessing products and moving them from Usable (Level 1) to Delightful (Level 4).

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is “a visual or graphic interpretation of the overall story from an individual [customer’s] perspective of their relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels.” The author provides a solid process and detailed steps for producing one, and includes this important tip: “Make sure a good mix of people are involved in the journey map creation. It’s helpful to have stakeholder participants from many areas of the organization, as well as people of varying levels of seniority.”

Scarcity Principle: Making Users Click RIGHT NOW or Lose Out

Web designers are often expected to create interfaces that get users to act, or, in marketing parlance, “convert.”  Turns out that many user actions can be triggered by using psychological techniques such as creating a sense of scarcity. As the article summary states: "Feeling that there is only one chance can convince people to take action sooner, sometimes without careful consideration of consequences or alternative options."


In today’s world of big data and constant interaction with digital environments, the algorithm rules. On this site, visitors are invited to upload and animate their own algorithms (hence, “algomation”). Of particular interest to designers may the RGB Cube and Color Wheel visualization, but there are tons of other fun algomations here!

Image Credit (Creative Commons): Thomas8047

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