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Creative Mornings Talent pick of the month

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Creative Mornings Talent pick of the month

Short bio
I'm a graphic designer with a feverish wanderlust and penchant for ambient electronica and pizza...

My skills
short version: Brand design. I build, define, scale and manage brand identity on all touch points. People like my iconography and illustration a lot; so I find this to be a very hire-able skill in parallel to my graphic design work. I also have had time to develop my nacho-making technique over the past year.

What my world looks like
19+ Apple cords, plugs, dongles and earpods. Loads of neon post-its, test devices, 30+ open Google Chrome tabs, Illustrator pen tool, electric-blue beanie, procession of late nights at Melkweg or the like, expired Freebirds Burrito punch card and daily culture-soaked bike commutes along the canals of Amsterdam.

I know a lot about
Movies and useless movie trivia, airline branding, locating the best tex-mex in any place I call home and creating real-sounding musical sub-genres such as 'german minimal stealthwave'.

I need help with
Letting go. Oh, yeah.. and Bootstrap. (it seems really useful)

Best advice I've received
"Choose comfort or choose courage. You cannot have both; they are mutually exclusive."

Who do you most admire and why?
Scott Hansen (ISO50/TYCHO) He is completely self-taught in design and music and created a way to combine all of his passions and no longer 'works' in the traditional sense. Everyday for him is living his passion. Plus I really like his visual and acoustic style.

What's your secret superpower?

What's your backup career?
Live-music photojournalist or taco truck operator.

What do you remember without effort?
Movie quotes and the selective screenshot shortcut for mac (Command+Shift+4)

If you had 5 minutes to teach someone something new, what would you teach?
How to properly perform a hanging indent quote mark. It is serious business, folks.

Favorite animated gif


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