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Creative Mornings: Friday 28 November - Volkshotel, Amsterdam

Creative Mornings: Friday 28 November - Volkshotel, Amsterdam


Tim Holland, a HKU graduate and retired web designer, wanted to start a business with a positive social impact. After many surfing trips all over the world and witnessing the amount of plastic that washes ashore everyday, Tim wondered whether it was possible to create a high quality product using plastic waste. He joined forces with AMFi graduate and fashion designer Robbert Wefers Bettink. They share a passion for water sports, quality and sustainablility, and thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, they launched the independent, positive and sustainable sunglasses brand, Dick Moby.

Their mission is to create quality sunglasses using recycled plastic. However, for several technical reasons, they cannot achieve the quality they want using recycled resources. For now they’re using bio-acetate, a bio degradable plastic, and 10% of their revenue goes to researching ways to make their dream a reality in the near future.

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