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Content Management System Implementation

Content Management System Implementation

Aquent helped a top U.S. secondary mortgage company streamline internal communications by converting 70,000 pages of intranet content to a more user-friendly version of its content management system.


After completing an internal study of online productivity, a leader in the U.S. housing market realized that its employees were spending valuable work time scouring the company’s cumbersome 70,000-page intranet for content. Determined to streamline communications and make the content management process more efficient and user- friendly for users and content providers, top executives wanted the upgrade of the company’s Interwoven TeamSite content management system in place within six months. They asked their current provider to quote on managing the content conversion and training internal content providers and approvers on using the new system, but the estimate exceeded the company’s budget. Management asked Aquent to bid on the project and was so impressed with its recommendations and overall understanding of budgetary and time constraints that the company selected Aquent to manage the project.

Aquent Solution

Aquent quickly assembled a team of three experienced interactive project managers to meet with the client and the current provider to fully understand the scope of the project. Aware of their client’s limited budget, Aquent’s project managers recommended using HTML content developers to perform the conversion. Because the developers were paid at a competitive rate, the client could afford 17 developers—helping to ensure that the content conversion would be completed quickly. Aquent’s talent also trained the client’s content providers and various business units on managing content, wrote detailed content management procedures, and provided ongoing TeamSite support for employees.


Because Aquent put together a team of lower-cost yet highly skilled content developers, the client was able to convert all intranet content to the new version of TeamSite within the six-month timeframe while saving nearly $200,000. The client was so pleased with the project’s overall success that two of Aquent’s project managers received an award for excellence from the client’s CEO, and the team was hired for additional projects, including providing an editorial solution to help the company more effectively generate SEO content for its public Web site.

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