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What motivates Digital, Creative and Marketing Talents?

What motivates Digital, Creative and Marketing Talents?

More money or working from home? Paid courses or amazing coffee from the office canteen? It’s not easy to understand those little extras that motivate us to choose one role over another. Participate in the Career Motivation Survey.

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As a hiring manager or recruiter, it’s a tiring story, after months searching for that hard-to-find talent only to lose them to the competition. Thanks to your feedback, Aquent will provide key insights into the motivation driving top Talent in their career choices and help you attract your next hire!

As a Talent, you dream of the day your boss finally understands that cup-a-soup in the kitchen doesn’t make you jump out of bed every day! But if they sent you to a hands-on workshop to learn something new once in a while, you’d be powered to go! By answering the survey you can have a positive influence on your Employer.

We’ll be sharing the results with both managers and talent to understand what really drives digital, creative & marketing Talent, and ultimately, providing a better experience for all.

As a bonus, if you complete the survey, we’ll give you the chance to win the new Parrot Zik wireless headphones designed by Starck! The more respondents the better. Share the survey amongst your network.

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