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Aquent launches large-scale Career Motivation Study

Aquent launches large-scale Career Motivation Study

Amsterdam, 8 July 2013 --- Aquent – a global staffing agency for creative, marketing & digital specialists – has launched its biggest study into Career Motivation to improve the relationships between managers, recruiters and talents. What drives high-end creative professionals in the Netherlands? What can a company do to attract, retain and motivate them? And what does a business expect to get when it brings in this type of specialist? The survey can be accessed hereThe research findings will be published early October.

Lisa Trapman, Country Manager for Aquent Netherlands, explains, “Aquent believes that people who combine talent with clear motivation are key to being successful. In the current economic climate in particular, it’s important for companies to distinguish themselves from the rest; adjust to new market conditions and stay ahead of the competition. It’s crucial for a business to keep their talent motivated, so that they do their best work, but it’s not easy understanding the real motivation drivers. As managers and recruiters miss an objective analysis on what really drives talent, the research aims at improving recruitment and the engagement between talents and companies. In this way, we want to be able to make a valuable contribution to the highly competitive creative, marketing and digital market in the Netherlands.”

Large-scale study into Career & Motivation 
Aquent has begun the Career & Motivation Study to better understand what motivates creative, marketing and digital professionals to do a top job and to improve the relationships between managers, recruiters and talents. Are talent driven by inspiration, expansion of their portfolio or money? At the same time, Aquent is curious to find out what makes a company appealing to professionals, so that these businesses can make adapt and better retain and motivate staff. From the feedback received through the survey, Aquent will be able to optimise its own selection and deployment process for both the professionals and the companies using them. The research will be carried out in July and August in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. The results will be released in October. 

The survey is conducted in partnership with Adformatie.

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