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Aquent Netherlands first signature in Diversity Charter for 2021

by Lisa Trapman

Lisa Trapman Managing Director at Aquent signs Diversity Charter Netherlands

We are proud to announce that on 5 January 5 2021, Aquent signed the Diversity Charter in The Netherlands making us the first signatory of the New Year! 

Lisa Trapman, Managing Director Netherlands & Germany: “As individuals and across our global offices, we are all ambassadors for diversity and inclusivity. However, nothing gets achieved unless we put focus & resources behind it. Signing the Diversity Charter solidifies our commitment to being the change we want to see. Together with our Dutch Diversity Council, I'm excited to work together with other companies and enrich the employee experience through shared equality and best practices towards an inclusive workplace and feeling of belonging for all.” 

Aquents journey for equality & belonging in the workforce dates back to our inception as a company when Founder & CEO John Chung and the executive team formed our company values and beliefs. “We fundamentally believe that hiring inclusively & with diversity is not only the right thing to do, it is also essential for delivery on a sustainable strategy for growth as an organisation. Together, we have the power to enrich the employee experience through shared equality best practices.” 

The goal in forming the Aquent Dutch Diversity Council is to uphold our global strategy, prioritising & carrying out local market initiatives, aligning and sharing best practises to the team, other markets, talent & clients. The council have identified a focus on education, action, monitoring and sharing and committed to realising these objectives within the Diversity Charter Action Plan.

In addition Aquent Netherlands joined the Amsterdam - Divers & Inclusive city platform in which knowledge and experience is exchanged with other Amsterdam based companies. 

Reach out to our Diversity Council for more information about the initiatives we are working on or share what you are doing with us - we’d love to continue these conversations that matter with you.

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Lisa Trapman leads our offices in The Netherlands & Germany as Managing Director.

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