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Aquent HQ has moved! Big Changes, Big Impact!

by Emily Varns

Aquent HQ has moved! Big Changes, Big Impact!

Exciting news! Our Aquent corporate HQ in Boston has just moved into a cool new space.

Our business is incredibly collaborative, so we've long been advocates of an open plan in our offices. This setup makes communication easier and, in the end, helps us make quicker and better talent matches for you.

Although they've had an open plan layout in the Boston HQ for the last 18 years, this move really kicked things up a notch.

For example, they've got rid of assigned desks. Everyone has a locker where they can keep their stuff, but where they sit depends on what they have to do that day.

Also, to give people options, they've created various "neighbourhoods" where people can choose to work based on whether the day calls for a ton of interaction or heads-down, distraction-free work.

There are many benefits to the new space but two specific highlights are:

  1. The space is allocated not based on organisational hierarchy (no corner offices or special meeting rooms), but on the needs of the work people are doing. They want people to be able to do their best work, and not worry about who sits where.
  2. The new space also makes the organisation more visible to everyone, enabling more collaboration and flexible meeting locations. One day you can sit with the developers, the next day with HR, and the next with with the folks in the local field office.

Here's a few pics from the cool new space:

Aquent Cafe

Aquent Office 1

Aquent Office 2

Keep your eyes open as we will soon be unveiling our new look office in Amsterdam too! 

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Emily Varns manages the Aquent UK's marketing team, working on all areas of the companies' marketing from events and creative campaigns to email and content marketing. 

With over 17 years in the creative & marketing space, she has worked both agency side and in-house, and is a great enthusiast of all things creative and digital.

- Development and implementation of the European brand strategy
- Planning and execution of strategic creative campaigns
- Sales and marketing alignment

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