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Aquent Becomes a Randstad Sourceright Premiersource Partner

by Matthew T. Grant

Aquent Becomes a Randstad Sourceright Premiersource Partner

Randstad Sourceright, an operating company of Randstad, recently selected Aquent to join it's Premiersource Partnership Program.

The program is designed to improve the working relationship between Sourceright and its managed service program (MSP) supplier community; selection is based on "quality, integrity, and reliable professionalism" along with "expertise in specific market segments."

We consider this an honor.

The world of staffing has changed a lot since we began placing desktop publishers (using PageMaker on Macs!) back in 1986. Not only have the tools of creative work changed (we didn't exactly have a website back then), the creative and marketing needs of organizations around the world are now totally different. They have steadily grown more varied, more complex.

We have had to adapt.

Learning how to work with MSPs has been part of that growth and adaptation. Along the way, or so we'd like to think, we've figured out how to be a good partner, support MSP program goals, and consistently provide great talent to the clients that we both serve.

When asked to join a program like this, it feels like recognition that we're doing something right. For this reason, we'd like to thank Randstad Sourceright for giving us the opportunity to work more closely with them as well as with the other suppliers in the "talent supply chain" they manage.

Together, we'll continue to new find ways to collaborate and improve the effectiveness of recruitment, hiring, and HR management. 

Thank you!

An Aquent representative will be in touch with you shortly to learn more about how we can help.

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