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The Power of mapping customer experience - Amsterdam UX Workshop

The Power of mapping customer experience - Amsterdam UX Workshop image
The Power of mapping customer experience - Amsterdam UX Workshop

In the age of Agile, design is increasingly considered as a basic process component by project managers and other decision makers. Designers are often asked to deliver more deliverables in less time to stay within budget and scope. Design as a creative activity is at stake. Therefore, in this workshop we will discuss how to expand the role of designers and to become more important within an organization. We will discuss different UX Strategy methods and focus on one in particular: Customer Experience Maps.

During the workshop you will create a (part of a) Customer Experience Map in small teams and learn how to apply this method within your organization and with clients. You will see that there is much more to experience mapping than you might expect. Moreover, you will learn:

- Why Customer Experience Maps are so useful

- How to translate the outcomes into concept design

- Who to include in a Customer Experience Maps workshop

- What’s necessary to correctly map customer experiences


After finishing a PhD on the subject of innovating design processes, Frank Meijer decided to make a career change and became a User Experience Designer at Osudio (priory: Strawberries). At Osudio, which mainly implements large e-commerce platforms, he worked for various notable clients as an interaction designer, concept designer, and digital strategist. Within the UX department he introduced UX Strategy methods in order to emphasize the importance of creating delightful experiences for customers (and make design more important). Currently, most of his work concentrates on UX Strategy and he organizes workshops for clients regularly.


18:30  Welcome: pizza & drinks

19:00  Workshop "The power of mapping customer experience”

21:00  Drinks & networking 

Registration will be opened on July, 27 at 12:00.

More updates and info can be found here or on Twitter @AmsterdamUX 


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