Show me the money

It’s no secret there is a dearth of talent for hire in the marketing industry, and the latest salary survey from marketing recruitment ...

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Marketers bursting with optimism, again

Despite and increasingly gloomy outlook by much of Australia’s business, it’s marketing and advertising executives remain almost ...

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Carpark? Free phone?

Local companies are looking at offering more perks to help combat the talent shortage of multi-disciplined communications specialists and the ...

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Not competitive? You might be in the wrong job

Aquent International CEO, Greg Savage gives advice on how to succeed in the recruiting industry.

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Ad world bullish on growth prospects

Almost three-quarters of advertising, publishing and design businesses expect revenue to rise this year, according to a survey, despite talk of ...

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Aquent's Moves and Hires

Aquent adds to their Asia Pacific team.

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Get your résumé right and get to that interview!

There are résumés that make us smile and those that make us laugh hysterically and those that simply get a glance and we move on. So ...

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Creative recruitment required

The latest annual survey of the marketing and advertising sector by the staff recruitment firm Aquent found that multi-skilled people are in high ...

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Wipe Out Your Resume Blunders

Aquent’s James Koh discusses how to spot mistakes that can sap even the most robust résumé of all its persuasive power.

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