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3 questions for David Kujas. An expert in digital strategy

3 questions for David Kujas. An expert in digital strategy

Watching industry trends in international markets is something we have been doing for years.
With 37 offices across Europe, America, Japan and Australia, we love to listen and understand the needs of our local markets and our share knowledge across the globe. So by introducing our Digital Expert series, we spoke to David Kujas, Head of Accenture Digital in Paris. David shares with us highlights of his career experience by answering these 3 questions.

How would you explain your job to a 7 year old child?

Well it’s really easy.

When you go to school, the teachers show you lots of new things and make you learn your lessons, then they give you homework to make sure you have learned well. I do part of the teachers’ job: the clients come to see us because they need to learn how to work differently (better, cheaper, faster, to make their own clients satisfied and loyal...) and we teach them how to do it; because, just like your teachers, we have done it many times before and everywhere in the world, it’s what gives us an unique position, a bit like a doctor who has seen so many runny noses that he knows exactly what medicine to give you when you go see him.

On the other hand, we also do half of our clients’ homework for them when they ask. It’s a very nice job because we help our clients transform.

How do you see your job in 5 to 10 years time?

The digital work that I do is a great opportunity because it is the main channel of relational strategies between our clients and all of their stakeholders (clients, prospects, suppliers, partners, employees). The variety of digital contacts (web, tablet, mobile, points of sale, vehicle logs, cash dispensers...), the arrival or the explosion of connected objects and the legitimate desire of the users to have seamless experiences require digital players to learn how to make two worlds communicate without having the habit of talking: the IT and the marketing, and to do that in the context of an exponential growth of the volume of data exchanged.

This trend is only going to grow and allow players like Accenture to impose themselves amongst the enterprises that at a global level could assist their clients in major transformations that will affect all levels of their organisation. We also have to take into account two major trends: firstly the one related to data confidentiality and respect of privacy; and secondly the one related to our clients’ increasing desire to find partners who can offer them evolutions of models to be able to migrate their operations from investment mode capex to spending mode opex.

It is therefore very difficult to portray a clear image of my job in 5 to 10 years but I will react to the prerequisites to adapt to these changes.

What are the key skills in order to be successful in your business?

Above all, curiosity. I work in many industries in continuous evolution with very specific operating environments that wish to make significant transformations. They are expecting from us the ability to make technological and organisational recommendations that could be implemented. This can be achieved only if our curiosity leads us to think outside the box in order to enrich our knowledge and create connections.

It is also necessary to be creative: this is a result of curiosity. To create new experiences that will be applied on a network in terminals that we probably don’t know yet, but being required not to use the same solutions over and over again even if they have proven to be efficient.

Then rigorous execution. This quality is essential to keep promises and meet economic challenges.

Finally, wanting to have fun, which is done in my opinion through teamwork, a condition without which there is no enrichment and no personal development.

About David Kujas

Expert in digital strategy and international web project development, David Kujas has run the digital team of Accenture Digital in France and in Benelux for 4 years.

Before joining Accenture, he has spent 14 years juggling interactive agencies (of which he is the founder of 2) and consulting companies on eCommerce projects and brand sites. He has also been the director of an e-business department of a global leader in insurance. David also has a passion for photography.


Join David on Twitter @dkujas and 500px.

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